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BMW Steering Rack

Steering Box
steering gear box
steering gearbox
rack and pinion steering
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1987-1992 BMW  325 and 318 - 3 Series E30.   Part Number: 80-00519

$225 plus $75 Core.  Free Shipping!
BMW 325 318 Steering rack   


1992-1998 BMW  325, 323 and 318 - 3 Series E36.   Part Number: 80-00657

$265 plus $150 Core. Free Shipping!
BMW 325 323 318 Steering rack  

1997-2003 BMW  525, 528, 530 - 5 Series.   Part Number: 80-00453

$385 plus $150 Core.  Free Shipping!
BMW 525 528 530 Steering rack


Now for the first time, the public has access to the highest quality BMW steering rack and BMW steering box, products that only dealers previously had! Car Steering Wholesale now offers straight to the public steering racks, Steering gear boxes and power steering pumps at the prices well below list. You too can now purchase and install the same high quality parts that dealers use, at affordable prices.

Our extensive inventory of thousands of BMW steering rack and gearboxes all have a complete warranty and are in stock, ready to ship today.

The BMW Steering Rack is a major component of the automobile. A good steering gear that does not bind, leak or is sloppy makes driving much more pleasurable, and safer too. The parts are called many different things including rack and pinion steering, steering gears, rack and pinion assemblies, rack and pinion steering units or steering gearbox. Whether it is Power Steering or Manual Steering we have you covered.

With modern technology including Magna Steer, Servotronic, Speed Proportional Steering, Variable Assist and the resurgence of the Center Steer design, BMW steering racks and steering box have evolved into a high tech component. Changing these parts with high quality replacements has never been more important.

We offer parts for BMW 1600, BMW 1800, BMW 1802, BMW 2000, BMW 2002, BMW 2500, BMW 2800, BMW 3-0, BMW 318, BMW 320, BMW 323, BMW 325, BMW 328, BMW 330, BMW 524, BMW 525, BMW 528, BMW 530, BMW 533, BMW 535, BMW 540, BMW 630, BMW 633, BMW 635, BMW 733, BMW 735, BMW 740, BMW 750, BMW 840, BMW 850, BMW Bavaria, BMW L7, BMW M Coupe, BMW M Roadster, BMW M3, BMW M5, BMW M6, BMW X5, BMW Z3 and BMW Z8. We sell auto parts at the lowest prices guaranteed and all of our auto parts come with Free Shipping.

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