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Power Steering Conversion Kits


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Car Steering Wholesale carries a wide selection of Power Steering Conversion kits.  There are two kinds of conversions; 1.  Changing a manual steering box to a power box or 2. Converting to Rack and Pinion.  For Type 1, see below or search the catalog.  For type 2 please click here or search the catalog. 

You can always call us at 1-800-399-7845 to see how we can help you. 

Now you can enjoy the ease and joy of power steering by installing one of our kits. Difficulty of the kits range from just a simple install for the Bronco kit, to some modification for the Ford Truck kits.

Except for the Bronco kit, these kits come without the pump bracket and pulley, you can pick those up or we can order them for you for an additional $75. Please note that for many of these applications we build up the kits custom, so shipping may be delayed a week or two. Please be sure to put you vehicle and engine in during checkout.


Bronco Power Steering Conversion Kit

Chevy Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit

FJ40 & CJ Jeep Saginaw Power Steering Kit

Dodge Truck Power Steering Kit

Ford Truck Power Steering Conversion kits


GM and Chevy Car Power Steering Conversion Kit

GM and Chevy Car Power Steering Conversion Kit With Quick Ratio Performance Box