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Rack Core Check

Core Credit Check in Procedure


This is our core check in procedure. Your core will go through this same check in procedure.  Any core that does not meet these requirements will result in no credit. Please review carefully.






  1. Inspect Solenoid. (if applicable on your vehicle)
    1. Make sure Solenoid is there and not damaged.
    2. Make sure wire is not cut or connector damaged
  2. Inspect Inner Tie Rods
    1. Make sure both inner tie rods are on the core
    2. Make Sure they are not bent, broken or warped
    3. Make sure the treads on the inner tie rod are not stripped or damaged
  3. Inspect Pinion and Splines
    1. Turn pinion in both directions to insure the gear is not frozen or broken internally.  Vice Grips may be used with a rag to protect splines.
    2. Inspect the splines on the pinion to make sure they are not stripped or damaged
  4. Inspect Fluid Line Ports
    1. Make sure port threads are not stripped and that the housing is not cracked from over tightening
  5. Inspect Fluid Lines
    1. Make sure lines are intact and are not cut, broken, bent or mashed
    2. If lines are disconnected, inspect ports to make sure threads are not stripped
  6. Inspect Rack Housing
    1. Visually look over housing to make sure it is not broken, cracked or severely bent
  7. Inspect Rack Mounts
    1. Make sure mounts are not missing, broken or cracked.


If the rack passes all 7 steps, then you get full credit. Any failure will result in no credit.  


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