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Electric Power Steering Rack

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The power steering system is a revolution in the automobile industry which helped the drivers to handle the vehicle very smoothly at ease. Without the need for the extra manual effort the power steering system reduced the effort of the driver in steering. With these advancements, to reduce the fuel consumption and weight of the power steering system, the hydraulics in the power steering system was replaced by the electric power steering systems. The electric power steering systems eliminated the hydraulics and thus, there was no need of power steering pump and power steering hoses. This way the power steering fluid leaks was prevented. In the electric power steering system, one contributing component is the electric power steering rack.

The electro-hydraulic power steering system uses electric motor only to run a hydraulic pump, but in case of electric power steering system, it uses entirely an electronic system. You can find the electronic motor connected to the steering column or power steering rack. Here the electric power steering rack plays a major role as the electric motor is directly attached to it. It is easy to handle a vehicle with electric power steering system. In the electric steering system, the gear is a manual rack with an electric motor attached to the steering rack. When there is any change in the performance of the electric power steering rack then you need to look for replacement. If not the worn factory-fitted electric power steering rack will affect the entire performance of the vehicle.

Best Selling Electric Power Steering Rack Parts

Lexus RX4 Electric Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-30002
Description : All Models
Price : $655
Core : $300

Toyota Camaro Electric Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-30001
Description : 2.4L Hybrid Model
Price : $595
Core : $250


When you decide to replace the worn out steering part you can find the best at Car Steering Wholesale. We are here to provide you car steering parts with warranty and passing the quality certification meeting the standards. We ensure that all parts undergo strict quality control process and we don't sell any 'spray and pray' steering parts. To find the exact electric power steering rack you were looking for, all you need to do is to select the right year, model and make of the vehicle. You can count on us for quality and customer service. We make sure that all the parts are delivered on time to your location. We ship the car steering parts from the warehouse nearest to your location as we have warehouses spread across the country. We have our technical and customer support experts to assist you in finding the right part. If you are not able to find the electric power steering rack or if you need any technical assistance then you can very well call our toll free 1-800-399-7845 support lines and you can be assured of quality electric power steering rack at very much affordable prices.

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Lexus Electric Power Steering Rack

Lexus Electric Power Steering Rack

Toyota Electric Power Steering Rack

Toyota Electric Power Steering Rack