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To have proper control of your car wheels, your Kia car steering system should give its perfect performance. Otherwise, driving would not be safe. So, your car steering system should be checked at regular intervals. Steering rack, rack and pinion, steering gear box and etc. involves the whole steering system. All these components should function properly as all these are interlinked with each other. Through the steering shaft, the steering wheel is directly connected to the rack. The pinion is connected at the end of the steering shaft. At the end of the rack, you can find a tie rod on both the ends. The basic function is same for both the manual and power steering system. When the steering wheel is turned by the driver, the motion is carried through the steering shaft to the rack. The rack converts the rotational motion into linear motion. The tie rods at both the ends of the rack transfer the linear motion to the steering arm of the wheel. It helps in moving the wheels in either direction as desired by the driver. If your Kia car has a power steering system, then it will be using hydraulic pump, which is mounted and fixed on the engine. The fluid in the automatic system is kept under pressure until the car wheels are turned.

Best Selling Kia Steering Parts

Kia Amanti Power Steering Rack

Kia Amanti                         Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-01167
Description : All Models
Price : $645
Core : $0

Kia Sportage Power Steering Gear Box

Kia Sportage                       Power Steering Gear Box

Part Number : 82-00135
Description : All Models
Price : $251.91
Core : $75

Kia Magnetis Steering Pump

Kia Magnum                         Steering Pump

Part Number : 86-01022 ON
Description : 2.5L and 2.7L Engine
Price : $195
Core : $0

A good steering gear that does not leak or is sloppy makes driving much more pleasurable and safer too. If you find any functioning problem with your steering parts, you are at the right place. At Car Steering Wholesale, you can find genuine car steering parts at best affordable prices. You can purchase your required Kia car steering parts through online from being at your home. On selecting the year, make and model of your Kia, you can find a variety of steering parts. If you are unable to find, we will find it for you. We provide you only with genuine quality parts with full warranty ranging from 1-3 years. All our Kia car steering parts undergo strict quality tests to meet the industry standards. We also give our customers, free shipping offer for all the purchases. We have warehouses in many places of our country to help our customers. So you can be assured of on-time delivery. We will deliver your purchased car parts to your doorstep. And, if you need any technical support you can very well call our toll free 1-800-399-7845 support lines.

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Kia Power Steering Rack

Kia Power Steering Rack

Kia Power Steering Gear Box

Kia Power Steering Gear Box

Kia Steering Pump

Kia Steering Pump