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For any car, steering system is the important system. Same way the Mini cars have the steering system which are either a manual or power steering. The small vehicles such as passenger cars and the mini cars use only rack-and-pinion steering gear as it is having the simpler mechanism to suite the compact and cost effective nature of the car. The rack and pinion steering system of the Mini cars that works with the manual mode has the parts such as steering wheel, the shaft, the gear, the rack, the pinion, the thrust spring, bearings, seals, the spindle and the wheel. When a car is turned to a particular direction, each wheel takes a different angle. When it is going to be to the left then the wheels at the left would be in a smaller circle and the wheels at right will be in a wider diametric circle. To maintain the angle that each wheel has to make while a vehicle is turning, the tie rods are used. This connects the steering arm and the steering rack. To prevent excess gear, the grooves of the rack and pinion gears are loaded with the thrust springs. We can adjust the tension in the spring by the help of shims or adjusting screws. If you find that any of the part is not functioning properly, then it must be given proper consideration. If not, the whole steering system will be damaged. So, it is advised to replace the damaged part at your earliest.

Best Selling Mini Steering Parts

Mini Cooper Power Steering Rack

Mini Cooper                         Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-00925
Description : All Models
Price : $289.91
Core : $175

Mini Cooper Steering Pump

Mini Cooper                         Steering Pump

Part Number : 86-00843 ON
Description : S Model
Price : $645
Core : $0

Mini Cooper Steering Pump Cooling Fan

Mini Cooper                         Steering Pump Cooling Fan

Part Number : 86-80010 ON
Description : Base Model
Price : $127.91
Core : $0

You can make this possible with us, from being at your house. At car Steering Wholesale, we have steering gear box, steering rack, steering rack and pinion parts at whole sale prices. We provide convenient, personalized and user friendly customer support. You just have to order it from our site online by just selecting the make, model and the year of purchase of your car. And make sure that the product you have selected is transferred to your shopping cart. We provide the strongest warranty for 1-3 years. You can also ask for extended life time warranty and we will provide you. It ranges depend on the time and parts you look for. Our site is furnished with all the technical information, resource and also provides advice. We provide a customer service with a toll free number. If you need any technical assistance or if you could not find the product you are looking for in our online catalog, then feel free to contact us at 1-800-399-7845 or email us at [email protected] We are available round the clock to help you.

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Mini Power Steering Rack

Mini Power Steering Rack

Mini Steering Pump

Mini Steering Pump

Mini Steering Pump Cooling Fan

Mini Steering Pump Cooling Fan