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Mitsubishi Car Steering Parts

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Mitsubishi Steering Parts Inventory

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People use vehicles to travel from one place to another. A vehicle can move only if it has a steering system in a proper condition. For making a vehicle to move, there involves the working of various parts in the steering system. All these parts cannot work individually. They together function to make a successful journey. The are various types of steering gears, out of which pinion and rack gear and the recirculating ball gear are the most common. Out of these only the rank and pinion steering gears are used in medium-sized vehicles. A Mitsubishi car steering parts either adopt the manual or the power steering mechanism. The rack and pinion steering gears have steering wheel, the shaft, gear box, the rack, pinion, tie rod, steering arm and the wheel. The purpose of using the rack and pinion gear is to convert the circular motion of the steering wheel to the linear motion of the wheels. There is one more reason which is to reduce the gear so that the wheels can turn easily. In the cars that use manual steering, the steering wheels must be turned two or three complete rotation for the vehicle to turn either right or left. But, if the power steering is in use, it can be made easier by just a single turn. So, using power steering reduces stress and strain and provides sophistication in driving. The rack and pinion gears with power steering has the parts that differ from the manual steering parts. They have the piston, the fluid lines, the rotatory valve, the steering column, the pump and the reservoir along with some of the manual mode parts.

Best Selling Mitsubishi Steering Parts

Mitsubishi 300M Power Steering Rack

Mitsubishi 300M                           Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-00612
Description : 4WD Model
Price : $265
Core : $100

Mitsubishi Monte Carlo Power Steering Gear Box

Mitsubishi Monte Carlo                    Power Steering Gear Box

Part Number : 82-00102
Description : All Models
Price : $255
Core : $125

Mitsubishi E Class Manual Steering Rack

Mitsubishi E Class                        Manual Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-70110
Description : Manual Steering Model
Price : $265
Core : $150

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