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1972 Oldsmobile F85 Steering Pump

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Within 24 hours
12 Months
Description: 3.5L Engine
Part Number: 86-01546-R
Part Name: Steering Pump -Remanufactured
Fits: 1972 Oldsmobile F85
1961 Oldsmobile F85
1962 Oldsmobile F85
1963 Oldsmobile F85
1964 Oldsmobile F85
1965 Oldsmobile F85
Weight: 8.18 Pounds
Notes: --
Tech: No Tech Notes

Call Toll Free No:1-800-399-7845 to order over the phone.

CarSteering offers Oldsmobile F85 Steering Pump with the highest quality. This item is Steering Pump -Remanufactured and will ship Within 24 hours and Ground shipping over $50 is free. The price is $85 and has a $10 core charge. Steering Pump weights approximately 8.18 pounds and has a 12 months Warranty. There are no Tech Notes.It fits 1961 Oldsmobile F85 ,1968 Oldsmobile F85 ,1968 Oldsmobile F85 ,1968 Oldsmobile F85 ,1970 Oldsmobile F85 and more!

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