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The Scion is an offspring brand in the car manufacturing industry. Scion is an American brand vehicle of the world's popular car manufacturer Toyota. As this brand is a sibling of Toyota, it has trustworthy products which are financially sound and safe. At Car Steering wholesale we handle parts for all the models of the Scion cars. Right from Hatchbacks to Wagons like tC, xA, xB and xD. Any car should be maintained properly for its reliable performance. The steering system of any car escorts the person who is driving the vehicle to the direction he wishes it to turn. It consists of various parts which functions together as a single system. The parts of the steering system are steering wheel, the shaft, the rack, the pinion, the tie rod, the spindle, the fluid lines, pistons, the rotatory valves, the steering column, the reservoir, the pump and the steering arms. Among all these parts the steering wheel is the one controlled by the driver. All the other parts are virtual, even then more important. It is a must give stand-alone concentration to maintain these parts. Lubricating is one of the important factor in the steering system. Failing on this may show the symptoms of worn parts by steering play, hardened steering and screechy noises. A troubleshoot in any of these parts can damage the whole steering system itself.

Shop Scion tC Power Steering Rack

Scion tC Power Steering Rack

Scion tC                             Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-01175
Description : All Models
Price : $305
Core : $125

If you find malfunctioning of any of the parts of the steering system, then you must seek the best matching replacement at the earliest. For this, Car Steering Wholesale is the best place. Our steering parts are distributed in steering rack, steering gear, rack and pinion steering. Few years back all cars were in manual steering mode. Due to the latest technology, most of the cars now-a-days are in power steering mode. Need not worry if your car is in manual or power steering mode. We have stocked both the manual and power steering parts. All our products are come with 1-3 years warranty with an extensible lifetime warranty which can be fruited at the demand if preferred by you. It will range according to the time and parts you purchase. You can just log on to our site and select the make, model and year of purchase of the car to order the products from the catalog. If you could not reach out the product you are seeking, then do not hesitate to call us any time to our toll free 1-800-399-7845 sales and support line. And we also provide an email assistance at [email protected] which can also be availed. We value our customers time and customer satisfaction is our core concern. If you wish to know more about us go through the individual reviews.

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Scion Power Steering Rack

Scion Power Steering Rack