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Steering column in the steering system is a straight rod which connects the steering wheel and the other steering parts. The steering column is also very much useful in transferring the torque from the steering wheel to the other steering parts in the system. There are three types of steering systems which can be seen in the vehicles driven today. One the rack and pinion steering, recirculating ball steering and the power steering. In case of rack and pinion steering the role of steering column is to connect the steering wheel to the rest of the components in the steering system which helps in tuning the wheel. The steering column in the rack and pinion steering connects the steering wheel to the rack. You can find pinion at the end of the steering column which fits to the grooves in the rack. The steering column converts the power from the steering wheel to the power to turn the wheels. Thus when the steering wheel is turned, the steering column moves the pinion along the grooves to pull the rack turn the wheels.

In case of power steering system, the steering column is connects the steering wheel to the rotary valve. The rotary valve guides the pump to on the movement of the vehicle. The mechanism is very simple. When the steering column starts turning, it indicates the vehicle is turning and the power steering pump is engaged by the rotary valve. On engaging, pressure is supplied to the wheels for smooth turning. Whatever may be the steering system used in your vehicle, the role of steering column is very important in enabling coordination between the steering wheel and the other steering parts.

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