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Sterling is the UK car manufacturing company that exports its vehicles to USA. It is the brand name that was given by the Sterling Motor Company. The models of the Sterling brand include 825, 827 and heavy duty trucks. In any car, the steering system has the important function like the other parts available. The only part which is in drivers control is the steering system. All other parts function by itself virtually, when steering only has visible control. The steering system can be classified as rack and pinion gear and recirculating ball/ worm gear. Out of these, rack and pinion is the one used in car systems. These can either be in manual mode or power mode. The Sterling car steering parts in rack and pinion gear system with a manual mode are steering wheel, the shaft, the rack, the pinion, the tie rod, the spindle and the steering arms. In power mode they have the fluid lines, pistons, the rotatory valves, the steering column, the reservoir and the pump as the steering parts.

Best Selling Sterling Steering Parts

Sterling 825 Power Steering Rack

Sterling 825                            Power Steering Rack

Part Number : 80-00562
Description : All Models
Price : $185
Core : $0

Sterling Heavy Duty Truck Power Steering Gear Box

Sterling Pick-up Truck                  Power Steering Gear Box

Part Number : 82-00466
Description : Power Steering Gear Box
Price : $564.91
Core : $400

Sterling 825 Steering Pump

Sterling 825                            Steering Pump

Part Number : 86-00229
Description : All Models
Price : $195
Core : $60

The major purpose of the steering rack is to convert the rotatory motion of the steering wheel into the straight line motion of the wheels. The main purpose of the steering gear is to convert the amount of rotation of the steering wheels to the angle of curvature of the wheels. So these parts are the most important in a steering system. The parts we mostly focus on are steering rack, steering gear, rack and pinion steering. We deal with these steering parts of all the models of the Sterling brand. Either manual and power mode parts, we supply them all to you. We provide free shipping for all products. We provide full warranty for the period of 1-3 years with an extended lifetime warranty which can be acquired on your requisition. It will vary based on the time and product you purchase. We also offer comfortable, personalized and user friendly customer service for 24 hours. So if you could not find any parts in the online catalog, then you can speak to our sales and support experts and seek the direct guidance from our sales and support team. We offer a toll free line 1-800-399-7845 and written communication is also possible to contact our sales and support team. You can get assistance through email by mailing to [email protected] . We mainly focus on customers' time and satisfaction. You can seek us even for any technical support as we have fully furnished our site with the technical resources and advice.

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Sterling Power Steering Rack

Sterling Power Steering Rack

Sterling Power Steering Gear Box

Sterling Power Steering Gear Box

Sterling Steering Pump

Sterling Steering Pump